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Authors are expected to attend the conference in person to present their papers and share their ideas.

To encourage attendance, IEEE recommends that conferences exclude or limit the distribution of any paper that was not presented at the conference. This policy is not mandatory and only applies to conference proceedings where IEEE is the copyright holder.

Sports Running Lightweight TDA Mesh Sneakers Women's Block Outdoor Color Shoes Fashion Blue ppwq0ZBIf authors are unable to attend the conference and present their papers, they should contact the program chair as soon as possible so that substitute arrangements can be made.
Notification of non-presented paper policy

You must clearly notify authors if you plan to exclude or limit the distribution of non-presented papers. IEEE suggests you add the following statement in the call for papers: "IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, including IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, if the paper is not presented by the author at the conference."

If a paper is included in the proceedings distributed on site and is later identified as a non-presented paper, you must still include the paper in the proceedings delivered to IEEE. You can flag the paper when generating the packing list so that the paper will be archived but will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore. Copyright of non-presented papers is still retained by IEEE.

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about non-presented papers, please contact IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) team.

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please contact IEEE MCE.

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New: IEEE MCE Conference Education Program

Nike Training Men's Shoe Train Virtue Free 10 White Watch IEEE Conferences Committee Past Chair William Moses's overview of the Conference Education Program:

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If you have any questions or want further information, please contact mce-education@ieee.org.

MCE Contact Information

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) are available to assist you with any questions.

Meet MCE!

Email ieee-mce@ieee.org with questions or concerns, or call:
Toll-Free: +1 855 340 4333 (US & Canada)
Toll: +1 732 562 3878 (worldwide)